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[OOC] Application

Character: Red XIII (Nanaki)
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Version: Post-game, Post-Advent Children
Age: 51
Gender: Male

Appearance: Red XIII is a large quadrupedal carnivore with a strange blend of lupine and leonine characteristics. For example, a long counterbalancing feline tail and an elongated canine muzzle. He has retractable claws (but not the ability to premanipulate his toes, as a cat does) pointed ears, and a spiky "mane" that goes down his neck and back, shaped not unlike a mohawk on a human. Two small ponytails hang down on either side of his face, and he has decorated his mane with feathers and a beautifully shining hairclip (this is also his weapon.) His fur is a fiery red-orange colour and his long tail is permanently alight with a small but hot fire at the tip. Try not to touch it. Red XIII has a great scar over his right eye, which is missing, and has a number of black-ink tattoos, most of them tribal--however, one, which is located on his left shoulder, is simply the Roman numeral XIII.

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History: Red XIII | Cosmo Canyon | Red XIII's Species

Personality: Animal though he may be, Red XIII's intelligence generally surpasses that of even very highly educated humans. I say generally because there is such a thing as relative or cultural intelligence--Red XIII will know very little about, say, boats, but could hold forth for a very long time on planetary theory or geology. That said, he's usually very mature, level-headed, and serious. He has patience beyond that of most humans, perhaps because of his longer lifespan and breadth of experience. Due to his levelheadedness and intelligence, Red XIII is a good person (animal?) to go to if you need advice, an explanation, or merely a sympathetic ear to listen to your woes. However, he's still rather young by his species' counting, and can be a bit impetuous at times, even existential. (Bear this in mind if asking for advice.) This is usually driven by his great empathy--he has a warrior's heart, so to speak, and will steadfastly defend those he feels he should, sometimes rushing to battle before it may be necessary or the situation is fully considered. There is also the matter of his species: though usually very comfortable in his own skin and at ease with his different nature, there are times when they come into conflict. For the most part, he sees no reason to excuse himself, and takes a fierce sort of pride in his identity; "I am what you see," is how he explains himself in canon, and he generally feels no need to rationalise or elaborate otherwise. Occasionally, he questions or grapples with his identity, although this is as much personal (his ability to uphold and represent his familial legacy) as it is biological (ability to mesh with and cohabitate in a human world.) He displays a lot of animal-like behaviour, for example snarling or shaking himself out, even as he holds a very normal human conversation. As a warrior, he is occasionally driven to acts of "senseless nobility"--shoving someone out of the way to take a hit for them, or simply sacrificing something for the sake of someone else, be it going without sleep or a meal... or giving something up so they may have it. There's a practical side to this, as he is in fact hardier than most humans, but he is also trying hard to uphold the traditions and values of his near-extinct race.

P.S. I've been calling him Red XIII and will continue to, but in-character he refers to himself as Nanaki now, a decision he made after becoming more comfortable with himself and his identity as a warrior.

Fears: Red XIII fears neither death nor physical injury, but he greatly fears being a disappointment to his both his ancestral people and his now-deceased human parent, Bugenhagen. He is determined not to be a coward and tries, if he can't do any good, to at least do no harm.

Weaknesses: Red XIII's primary weakness is his lack of opposable thumbs, limiting him such tasks as opening doors, holding pencils, holding onto more than thing at a time, and so on. His missing eye is also a problem, rendering him blind on one side (and therefore susceptible to attack) and damaging his depth perception--while he has, for the most part, adapted to it through experience, he can still botch a jump or hit the odd door frame on occasion. He is also extremely noticeable--a flaming tail-end is NOT advantageous in situations requiring stealth or even discretion. His honour and kindness could also be counted as a weakness, since it could, theoretically, be played against him.
He also sometimes fails to catch jokes and is occasionally unfamiliar with a number of "human things."

Otherwise, he doesn't like sticky hands on his fur or small children (due to aforementioned sticky hands and a tendency to pull on his mane, ears, and face.)

Strengths/Abilities: Red XIII is an experienced fighter who combines his natural abilities (teeth, claws, etc) with a rich repertoire and skill with magic, usually from materia, although he freely makes use of his limit breaks as well. He is generally equipped with all the benefits that come with having four legs instead of two--superior speed and stability, increased strength, and the ability jump significantly farther than most human beings. He also has the vastly superior hearing and sense of smell that comes with being... an animal like him. Non-physical strengths include his intelligence, empathy, patience, and experience, which I delineated in unnecessary detail in his personality.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability: Red XIII is, like all his canonmates, aware of magic, and is much more in tune with the Planet's energies than his human peers, thereby making him both a more effective conduit for it, and more sensitive to its presence. This potentially gives him a much greater ability to see and sense things that would be out of place on occasion, but he has no elevated ability to see or speak to ghosts, let alone feel them--only the Ancients feel the dead.

That said, I should mention that Red XIII has full access to his list of Limit Breaks, some of which may be potentially damaging to supernatural beings that normal magic may not be effective for.

Supply List: Red XIII comes equipped with his final weapon, a hairclip called Limited Moon. The materia he has are as follows:

Fire (Unmastered) + All (Unmastered): Fire does what it sounds like. It makes fire, albeit at varying degrees of power. All allows him to cast Fire on all enemies on the field, although at a slightly lower damage than a single-target spell would do.

Steal (Mastered): Steal does what its name says: it allows him to steal an item from the enemy. His is Mastered, allowing him to use an ability called Mug, which combines the Steal effect with a basic physical attack. Linking it with MP Steal allows him to regain a small amount of MP when he uses it.

Destruct (Unmastered): Destruct is a materia with several abilities. It contains the spell DeBarrier, which destroys Barrier, Reflect, MBarrier, Peerless, and Wall statuses. It also contains DeSpell, which dispels things like Slow, Stop, Haste, Regen, Resist, and Death Sentence. In short, Destroy obliterates or removes obstacles or effects (either on the user/teammates or the enemy), both they magical or otherwise. This materia is unmastered to prevent the use of the Death spell... although to be honest, that spell is mostly useless anyway.

Enemy Skill (Mastered): In Maison De Portes, Enemy Skill will allow Red XIII to mimic a monster or ghost's ability (signature) as long as the battle lasts... and then until the next battle. For example, facing wallcrawlers, he would capable of running up the wall to follow them and drop on other monsters in the battle, but if he ran into the burned man ghost twenty minutes later while using the skill post-battle, he would fall off the ceiling. Facing ghosts, he copies the method of death as well as the skill (as the two are linked)--for example, against the burned man, he would gain an elemental fire not unlike Beta, but would also be on fire himself. This is obviously ill-advised outside of desperate situations.